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gorage.com is the alternative to eBay and online auction sites. There are no final value or sales commission fees. That means you make more money when you sell your items online with gorage.com. Our plans are based on a flat rate to display your items for sale, so you are not charged for every item you sell.

Monday, January 10, 2005

How does it work?

The idea is not new. People have been listing items for sale on the internet for some time now. gorage.com has a straight-forward approach to selling items online:

1. Register for an account (sellers are registered as buyers as well)
2. Create a gorage (based on the number of selling spaces you need)
3. Pay for your gorage
4. Add your items
5. Manage your items and messages from buyers

It's that simple.

Buyers will be able to communicate with sellers about the items listed for sale. Once the connection is made, you're free to e-mail amongst yourselves to finalize the sale.

What does that mean for sellers? It means that gorage.com will not charge any fees based on the final sale price of the item. The only fee you pay is for any gorage that you set up.

Are you interested in selling your items for only one fee? We hope so! We'll let you know when the site is fully functional, and how you can get a FREE 30-day, 10 space gorage.