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gorage.com is the alternative to eBay and online auction sites. There are no final value or sales commission fees. That means you make more money when you sell your items online with gorage.com. Our plans are based on a flat rate to display your items for sale, so you are not charged for every item you sell.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Start an online business with gorage.com

Want to know a secret?

gorage.com just launched, but it is your solution to starting a business online. Have you heard the stories of people making extra income selling things online? Do you see the stories about people using eBay to make a living? Have you ever wanted to start your own business, but just didn't know how to go about it?

Now you can, with gorage.com. The site is cost effective for selling products online, and you don't need to worry about the start-up costs involved in creating your own website. The one important thing you will need to determine is what you want to sell on gorage.com. There are several plans available to you that will allow you to sell your items. In fact, it is so cost effective that you can set up multiple different gorages (the area you use to list your items) with different types of products. Let's say you have some fashion items, maybe clothing that you'd like to sell. You can set up a gorage that is specific to those items. You could then set up another gorage that allows you to list your electronic items. You are not required to set up multiple gorages. You can just put all of your items in one larger gorage if you choose.

What makes gorage.com a better place than any other online auction website or other online classified ad websites? gorage.com does not require you to pay any fees based on what you sell your items for or what are known as final value fees. You pay only for the number of spaces you want (based on plans offered by gorage.com) to use to list your items for 30 day increments. That is all you will need to pay for. If you have an item that listed for $150, you won't need to pay anything more for having sold that item. Once you pay for your spaces and days, you've fulfilled your obligation to gorage.com. So, all of the sales you make will add up to more profit for your online business.

Interested in learning more about gorage.com and how you can get a FREE 30-day gorage? Click here for the promotion code. Then when you have your online business up and running tell your friends, family and co-workers where they can buy your items online. Tell them how you're the one earning extra income selling products on the internet. Maybe your experiences could be written into a book about using gorage.com as the platform for making money on the internet. We look forward to reading your best selling book about turning crafts, hobbies or wholesale items into a cashflow positive business using gorage.com and the internet.