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Friday, September 23, 2005

Item Listings - Titles

Here's a helpful hint when you are considering the name of your item listing on gorage.com:

• If possible, do not use any quotation marks especially quotes (") in your titles.

The search engines do not easily recognize the quotation marks as part of the titles of pages. Whatever you title your item as, the search engines will see as the title for the page that your item listing appears on.

So, if you are selling a 40" Samsung Plasma TV, list it as a 40 inch Samsung Plasma TV. This should help with the search engine rankings. You can include the 40" plasma text in your description, which will help with the gorage search as well as the search engine rankings.

We are doing what we can to make your items visible to people searching the internet for items and not just through the gorage.com website.

We'll keep you informed on techniques to help get your items more visibility for potential buyers to see.

Thank you,
gorage.com team