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gorage.com is the alternative to eBay and online auction sites. There are no final value or sales commission fees. That means you make more money when you sell your items online with gorage.com. Our plans are based on a flat rate to display your items for sale, so you are not charged for every item you sell.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Entrepreneur Magazine lists gorage.com as an alternative to eBay

Entrepreneur Magazine prints a publication dedicated to start-ups titled appropriately enough: Entrepreneur StartUps.

gorage.com is mentioned in one of their feature articles. The article in the magazine is about sites that are of value to entrepreneurs, one of which is gorage.com. They do a great job explaining the idea behind gorage.com and the costs associated with using the site.

Look for future articles about gorage.com in Entrepreneur publications as we continue to make the site more effective for small business owners, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts.

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