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gorage.com is the alternative to eBay and online auction sites. There are no final value or sales commission fees. That means you make more money when you sell your items online with gorage.com. Our plans are based on a flat rate to display your items for sale, so you are not charged for every item you sell.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Have a Silent Auction

The gorage.com website can serve your needs for an online auction by acting as a silent auction for your items.

How does it work?

When creating your item listing, put the minimum price you want to get for the item and state in the description (or title) that it is a silent auction item. Specify the length of time that buyers have to make an offer. At the end of that time period, the buyer that made the best offer above the minimum price wins the auction. You can notify them by e-mail that they have won, then get payment from them.

Why a silent auction?

Having a silent auction gives you the ability to accept serious offers on your items. If you choose to state the highest offer or change the listing price to the current highest dollar amount offered that is up to you. Otherwise, potential buyers will need to make an offer that they are willing to pay for the item not based on what the last bidder posted.

Who can benefit from using gorage.com to have a silent auction?

Silent auctions can be of great benefit to non-profit organizations that use online sales for fund-raising. In addition, sellers that have memorabilia or collectible items that are valuable may also use a silent auction to maximize the amount they receive for that item. gorage.com will be offering special discounts for 503c non-profit organizations to assist them in creating more effective online fund-raising events.

For more information contact: info@gorage.com

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Tips for listing your items

There are some important things to consider when listing your items on gorage.com.

Item Title

When creating your item listing, you'll want the item title to be as descriptive but brief as possible. When you can, include the manufacturer name, model or style. This will be useful when potential buyers come to the gorage.com website and are searching for items. In addition, it will improve the visibility of your items on the search engines.

Let's say you are selling a camera. If you create an item listing with a title of "Camera" then you don't give potential buyers enough information about your particular item. If your item title is something like "Kodak EasyShare DX6490 Digital Camera" you are telling a potential buyer what specific camera it is you are selling, not to mention you are making it easier for someone looking for that specific brand or model to find.

Item Description

This is another area where you want to be as brief, yet descriptive as possible. This is the perfect area to list the distinguishing features of your items and to include any additional information about your particular items for sale.

We are working on allowing longer item descriptions. This will give you the ability to be more descriptive and put any special instructions (such as pick up only...etc.). We'll let you know when we have upgraded that function.

Check back often for more hints and updates.

Affordable way to start a home-based business

If you look at the pricing that gorage.com offers, you'll see that it is an affordable way to start an home-based business selling products online. Starting at $50 every 30 days ($600 per year) you can list up to 100 items. For $100 per month, you can list up to 500 items. The best part is your items are searchable through the gorage.com website for potential buyers to see. In addition, your items will also be listed on the major search engines.

gorage.com takes care of your need for website design, hosting and internet marketing by offering you the ability to list and manage your items for sale on the gorage.com website. Where else can you get the opportunity to have your own web space that allows you to manage your products without all of the start-up costs of web design, web development, web hosting and internet marketing? On average that is a cost savings of $3000 or more.

You will also have a simple path to your gorage with the way we have set up our web address system. That means that you can send out e-mails, business cards or flyers with the path to your gorage on them. For more information about this, click here.

Register your account, confirm and activate it, then set up your gorage and start your own online business right from the comfort of your own home.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Press Release

We sent out a press release announcing the launch of the site. It went out on July 21st. Here is the link to check it out:


We'll continue to keep news updated here on the blog and send out news releases. Look out for gorage.com on TV, in print or on the radio in your area.